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+$13.66 and New Moon

November 21st, 2009 at 04:28 am

We went to a festival last night and I took along $40 in cash. When we were emptying our pockets last night I told my husband I'd like to start putting $1 bills into the coin jar as well as loose change. I had a ten dollar bill and several ones. I asked him to please give me the $3 I knew he had in his pocket and I'd give him the ten dollar bill from the festival. He argued and argued with me that we could put the $10 in the jar because he didn't understand what I was trying to say about saving $1 from now on. Finally I decided it was the silliest argument so I tucked the $10 into the jar and figured I worked for that $10 in words alone and it should count! LOL! So I added $13.66 to the jar last night.

We also got to see New Moon last night. I can't believe we saw it on opening night! The only reason we did so was because we didn't have the kids! I'm a little phobic about crowds. I come close to panic attacks in certain situations, including traffic. We caught the matinee and there were only maybe 50 people in the theater. But after our movie was an enormous line! I clammed up on the way out and hid behind husband, there were so many people!

My feelings about this series amuse me. I loved the books! (except book 4...I hated that one) I am a big Edward fan and I did not enjoy Jacob's character in the books. Now generally speaking, 99% of the time in fact, I do not enjoy the movies that follow my favorite books. Twilight is no exception. I don't really like the movies at all. But in the movies, I actually root for Jacob! LOL! I do not like the actor for Edward. I just can't past the pastiness of him or the whining and the melodrama. But Jacob is so sweet! Quite the opposite in the book.

I enjoyed the movie. To be fair, it follows the book fairly closely and doesn't leave a whole lot out. I thought that which was left out was just fine.

1 Responses to “+$13.66 and New Moon”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    Book 2 was my least favorite. I enjoyed the movie more than the book, which rarely happens. And I agree about Jacob. As I've seen the actor do more interviews he just seems like a nice normal kid, so I found myself rooting for him in the movie!

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