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February 23rd, 2007 at 07:51 am

LOL! Well, the weightloss is still happening. I'm glad to see that my Bio shows 21 lbs lost since last I was here because now it is 27. And that is where I spend most of my typing time now...in the weight loss arena.

I am going to try to make it a daily habit to come and saying SOMETHING!

My 3 goals for 2007 are:
Lose total of 77 lbs
Get my house in order
Erase this debt

Despite my lack of journaling, I have actually been successful in all three areas so far.
27 lbs down

I just got the house in order and am following the principals of Flylady again. It feels so good too!! And now with the house in order and the weight on near auto-matic piolet, it's time to face the finances!!

I've done two things finance related today.
1. I menu planned. I copied out a bunch of South Beach friendly crock-pot recipes and am going to plug them into days of the week and create a shopping list. Tonight and tomorrow and I can pre-prepare these yummy dishes and freeze them for the week ahead. I did this same thing last week and was very pleased with the results!!
2. I called the credit card company and bank to track down a missing payment. Frown I hate the way they make me feel like it's my fault. The CC company was actually very nice. It's the bank that annoyed me.

I'm off to finish my grocery list!