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Cheap vs. quality

November 20th, 2009 at 05:10 am

I was reading an article about buying cheap things and it got me thinking about things I am cheap about vs those items I insist on quality regardless of cost.

Shoes: The shoes on my feet cost a ridiculous $285 and I own two pair (sandals and tennies). Now on the plus side, I can have them completely overhauled as often as I like or need for only $50-$60. That's like a new pair of $285 shoes for $50. I figure that's a pretty good deal. And with these shoes I do not have knee, back, or foot pain. And my closet is nice and spacious and uncluttered by cheap shoes!

Clothes: I swing both ways here. I go through spurts. I try to get clothes from the thrift store and actually end up with better quality there than when I go shopping for new items. When I buy new it's generally because I'm in need of something specific, and everyone knows you can't go to the thrift store with an agenda. ;o) But my quality/expensive clothing always lasts longer, fades less, and looks better longer. Where I might replace a cheap pair of jeans within a year, I'll wear an expensive pair for five+ years, waistline willing. ;o) (Actually right now, I'm hoping to get out of these 5 year jeans and go smaller!)

appliances: I'm big on buying high quality appliances! This seems to be hit or miss, unfortunately. We bought a top of the line fridge a few years back and we hate it! For a couple months every time I opened it a new little piece of plastic popped off! The part that held the container for the ice maker completely fell apart. But we just bought a new washer/drier (needed to) and bought top of the line. In this case I'm glad we did, so far.

Socks: Only high quality for me. My gold-toe socks are still being worn after...um...1989!! Wow! And daily! I got them for Christmas in high school. Any cheapy socks I've purchased since have been replaced yearly. Now for the kids, only cheap socks. Yes, they wear out in about three months, but they're also generally so filthy I don't mind throwing them out. I bought them high quality socks once and still threw them out after about four months just because they had turned unalterably brown.

For other items I am cheap! Food at Aldi's. Furniture is almost always hand-me-down. I buy generic soaps. I devour books at the library and if I purchase them it's from a half-price book store. I just avoid new bookstores, because I can't walk out of a bookstore without a purchase. Who am I kidding? Three purchases!

3 Responses to “Cheap vs. quality”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Oh, yeah. I sometimes have trouble even distinguishing which _is_ the quality product. Sometimes I have been quite wrong and then disgusted with the product and money spent. Poor value, you know. Frustrating.

  2. Kris10leigh Says:

    It seems like things were made much better in past years. Sometimes I'd rather buy off ebay than buy new. Lite brites are a great example! I'd far rather have the old-fashioned kind that plugged into the wall over these cheapy battery powered things with the "convenient" little roll thing that stores the pegs. When opened, the pegs fly all over the room!

  3. students stress Says:

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