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Looking ahead this pay period

November 13th, 2009 at 04:43 am

Now that the credit cards are gone, we're facing Christmas without any savings and I'm bound and determined not to have any debt when this holiday season is over. So I'm looking ahead. I'm also looking ahead to Thanksgiving. It is going to be such a busy week. I have to host twice because my in-laws and my own family do not get along. Every year I either host two Thanksgivings or two Christmases. I really don't mind, but usually I have the entire week of Thanksgiving off at work. This year I'm not off until Thursday. So I'm stuffing my freezer this weekend with what I can.

For the freezer:
Sweet Potato soufle X2
Corn casserole X2
mashed potato bake

Next pay day is the Friday after Thanksgiving, so all expenses come out of this paycheck. Hmmm...

2 Responses to “Looking ahead this pay period”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Circumstances will lead to us having a double Thanksgiving this year, as well... one with friends who work at the embassy here in SE Europe and will be traveling during the week of the holiday (must be nice!), and then once again with our family and maybe some of our local friends who do not know much about Thanksgiving. I think it will be nice, and we will have a little insurance that our daughter gets to experience an American holiday abroad. I hope the dinners go well for you!

  2. Kris10leigh Says:

    That sounds lovely! My aunt is in Holland now and her new family loves it when she treats them to a traditional American Thanksgiving. It's very warming to hear the stories she tells.

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