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Kristen on not buying a fridge

November 9th, 2009 at 01:46 pm

The temptation is so great! We just bought a new house, and I love the home! And though the home is much larger than our old home, the previous owners chose a really small fridge so that it didn't stick out too far and impeded the flow of traffic into the kitchen. I can see that. But they bought a side by side and the freezer is so small you can't fit a frozen pizza in it, or even a box half its size. And the fridge? There's no way a turkey's going in there. And we host two full Thanksgivings and one full Christmas.

So I want a fridge to put in the garage! I'm close to saying I actually need a fridge.


We will just pay off the credit cards this coming Friday. Finally! I do not want to put more on the card than we can pay off by next Friday and Christmas is coming up with no money yet put aside. All these years it's been about the credit cards.

I need some encouragement to not buy a new fridge. We have a ridiculously large freezer in the basement that the owners left. It's the fridge I lament.

Perhaps some tips on how to accommodate the holidays with my tiny fridge?

9 Responses to “Kristen on not buying a fridge”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I'm glad to hear you do have a larger freezer, otherwise I was going to encourage you to get new fridge!

    Lets see...buy turkey breast, rather than the full turkey to save space. Ask others to bring dishes and serve upon arrival. Get out the coolers, add ice to store dishes until serving. At Christmas, we can usually set things outside (usually beverages) to keep cool. Depends on where you live!

    Good luck!

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    Ask for one on freecycle? It might be an energy hog, but it could get you through the holidays.

  3. Kris10leigh Says:

    Haha, you just reminded me! I purchased an antique ice box from the previous owner (a real deal at $100). Maybe I could buy a huge ice bag and stick it in there! How funny!

  4. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    I just received a loveseat and sofa from freecycle. Try that or kijiji. At the end of the month lots of people are moving and just need someone to pick up stuff they don't want (and it's free!).

  5. monkeymama Says:

    I'd go used for more space - would just be careful on energy efficiency - can be terribly expensive for elextricity. But it seems in this economy there are plenty of "barely used" energy efficient fridges to go around - some steals.

    The last used Fridge I bought for the garage was $50. Did the job! Too cheap to sweat the electricity, probably. Bought that one before Energy Star was invented, probably.

  6. Ima saver Says:

    I sold a great fridge for just $100. It worked great, but the ice maker did not! Maybe you can buy a used one.

  7. whitestripe Says:

    wait until you have saved the money to buy a new fridge with *real* money, not on your credit card.

  8. CouponAddict Says:

    Save your money and get a good one then put that small one in the garage. It sounds like you would like a french door fridge with the freezer on the bottom or a total fridge since you have a separate freezer.

    My grandmother always bought no freezer fridges (they have a small square enough for ice), because they had three large freezers. Yeah family of ten children.

    I have a side by side but I think it is small even though it was the largest they had, I wanted to go french door with freezer below but we did white and they did not have the water/ice feature in white as they were just coming out so it was way too spendy.

  9. Kris10leigh Says:

    Thanks for the advice. The size of the fridge really does make sense because of where it is. If it was any wider, it would impede traffic flow. But I also think a standard (old-fashioned?) top freezer would work well. We had a bottom freezer at our old house and I actually didn't like it. I didn't feel like the freezer space was adequate.

    What I'd like is to get a cheap $300-$500 standard, top-freezer fridge to put in the garage. We do have a mammoth freezer in the basement, but it's ancient and not energy efficient and it's not conveniently located. If we had a fridge/freezer in the garage, I could put daily items in it, like, I don't know...vegetables! LOL! Our current fridge-freezer is so small!

    But, we need to pay for Christmas first...

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