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Plans, plans and more plans

September 16th, 2006 at 10:26 am

I am such a planner! I sat down and wrote out my monthly goals again. I said I wasn't going to...but I did it anyway. I put it all in an Excel worksheet, which is my favorite program in the world! I typed in how much money was going to come from each source and how much it added up to and put in some formulas and (VOILA!), I have a beautiful, easy to follow plan! It keeps track of all the figuring for me so it doesn't have to be in my head! All I have to do is plug in the numbers every time I send a payment to the CC's.

I also made a spreadsheet to show me exactly what I will have in my checking account through November by tracking my salary and bills. It's very easy to do from that account because 95% of the bills that come out are fixed and my salary is always the same.

That first CC of ours is going away so very slowly. I know that my goal is to have it paid off by the end of October, but that just isn't soon enough for me.

1 Responses to “Plans, plans and more plans”

  1. Bookie Says:

    Ah yes, the seduction of the Excel budget sheets. I've laid mine out through the end of the year for both spending and savings. The fixed expenses are easy, and the variable categories are set up using averages.

    Such a sense of power watching changes ripple down through the totals as I "find" money with my little economies. Absolutely addictive software.


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