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Number woes

September 9th, 2006 at 05:05 am

I'm feeling depleted.

The finance charge came through on the 0% interest card. We switched to 0% interest but it came with a one time 3% charge of $550. So the balance went up. That's frustrating, let me tell you. But in the end it will save us money. To stick with my plan, somehow I have to come up with an extra $550 and I'd like to find it this month. On an already very tight budget close to Christmas time, that is not going to be easy. I already came up with $100 though in the form of a check from Verizon. Sometimes nice surprises come in the mail.

And sometimes not so nice surprises come in the mail! Like city taxes I forget about year after year. I always forget that taxes for the city I work in come from my pay, NOT the city I live in! Doesn't that suck?! So I owe taxes quarterly to the city I live in and the bill came yesterday.

AND I overdrew on my account by a whopping $1.39!! I am so angry! So I now we have a $9.00 fee on an error of $1.39. That's what I get for taking my checking account down to nothing between pay periods all for the sake of throwing every penny at the CC's.

I'm feeling very crunched at the moment. We were down to absolutely nothing in the house to eat last week, so we ate out several times. I went to the grocery store yesterday and spent $120 of my $200 budget and then gave another $20 to my son for school lunches. That leaves $60 for the rest of the week should we need something.

I have many, many financial things to figure out in my head right now. I'm not sure where a lot of things I need money for are going to come from with the budget so tight. I may need to loosen up a bit and not expect to be able to throw so much at the CC. We need money to keep up with what we have too.

2 Responses to “Number woes”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Yes, we have to eat, have to travel to/from work, have to have a place to live w/the electric, water, gas, etc. They are priority 1, then the debts.

    Have you got budgeting software that you are using? Be sure and put those city taxes into it right now while they are topside in the memory bank so that next year those dollars will be there waiting to be paid out when the bill comes in. Pain in the watoosie, but there ya go!

    MUST watch those credit card transfer offers. There in the fine print they put all this sneaky stuff...just remember there are 0% offers out there that don't charge the transfer fee - those are the ones to go for next time! Sorry you got caught up in their snare. Be careful out there!! It's a jungle.

  2. boomeyers Says:

    I am frustrated too at the credit card roulette, and the aggrevation of being in debt. I run numbers in my head and on paper all the time too. And just when I have the perfect budget running, something comes and blows it away. ARGH!

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